Sunday, 2 March 2014

Snagging List Summary.

From this ...

... to this.

When we first started this project, Jose and his team predicted that they would be finished by December, and to be honest, the speed with which they first started working, we thought that they may well be! Then the problems with Napoleon took hold and kind of destroyed the rhythm. The kitchen delayed things and other problems cropped up that just have taken an age to be fixed.
We have now into the month of March and I think we have been working on the snagging list since half-way through January! Builders and constructors Jose and his team may be, but finishers and detailers they are not. I think that they will be just as pleased to finish this job as we will to see them go. 
So for a roundup of February:

The Complete:

  • Air-con is in and boy, it works well. One in each of the bedrooms and one in the kitchen. Nice and cool. 
  • Pool appears to have had no more leaks for a week. Hopefully that is that problem solved. 
  • The awful stench that appears between 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm each day, (the one that I have failed to blog about as no words can describe the fetid odour), has been fixed: not only have we had the cesspit cleaned out, but new pipes installed and so-on at the end of last week. The result, no foul smell when the sun hits the front of the casita mid-afternoon. Only taken two months to sort out that little dilemma!!

The Not-So Complete:

  • Leak from terrace into bodega below ... still needs a little more work!
  • A complication with the front door. For security purposes, it does not work properly, so we need to re-think and re-hang. 
  • Not happy with his worktops in the kitchen, DH has decided to rub them down again and apply another layer of stain. 

Looking back over the photos though at least you can see the progress that has been made. One day, I am sure we will say it has all been worthwhile. 

But for now, we have both had enough and are unable to believe that it will be finished soon!

And from this ... that.

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