Thursday, 23 January 2014

A quick update for January.

 A whole load of ceramic tiles and two toilets later, the bathroom is pretty much finished. Why two toilets? The first one had been manufactured incorrectly and appeared to be leaking. The smell it gave off was disgusting to say the least. Trying to get the faulty product replaced was a difficult task in itself, but after a great deal of sweet-talking by DH, a new and fully functioning toilet has now been put in place.

The shower door has now been installed too, although it was a struggle to get it to fit properly. 

Just needs the shower door and a good clean-up.

Although DH has spent two or three weekends on the interior doors, he is not happy with the end result. The doors are just too ... well just not right. So he may well take them down, strip them back to bare wood and start all over again. 

The kitchen, is still waiting for its cabinetry and worktops, and has been since before Christmas (see my earlier post). It looks sad and lonely with only a base for the breakfast bar in it, but hopefully it won't be too long before the new carpenter has built all the required kitchen furniture; DH is in fact painting the units that are ready as I type.

Tiled, painted and ready for some units.
Not bad considering it really was an empty shell three months ago.