Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Kitchen.

After all the problems we had with Napoleon, we had to find a new carpenter to make the kitchen. As I have mentioned before, it is virtually impossible to purchase a kitchen 'off the shelf' like we do back in England: no Ikea nor Homebase for a start. The ferreterias and such like do sell basic free-standing units, but not of great quality and there is very little choice available. Plus, aesthetically speaking, the units that are for sale are not much to look at to say the least!

Alejandro's Workshop and House.

So a new carpenter, Alejandro, has been found, in Belen, about 40 minutes drive from here. Nice guy, looking after 2 kids on his own; very humble and modest. His workshop adjoins his small Tico house. Chickens roam free throughout both living and work areas, whilst mango trees surround the property, allowing for much needed shade in this flat and dusty area.

The Happy Couple

Freshly Laid Eggs and Hatched Chicks

To help keep the costs lower, and to keep himself busy, DH offers his services and works with Alejandro and his trainee,Eduardo, for a couple of weeks. DH is given the job of rubbing down the woodwork for the cabinets and worktops. I just hope that they are not primped to within an inch of their life, like the front door to one of our old houses: DH rubbed down the wooden door so much, that it was as smooth as the shell of a car and looked more plastic than plastic! I guess you can take the boy out of the car body repair industry but not vice-versa!

The Sink Hole cut ready in the Worktop before DH works his magic.

DH plays the role of carpenters assistant for about a fortnight and is happier than he has been in weeks - back in a working environment enjoying workshop banter. Every evening he shares little snippets about his day, relishing the fact that he is occupied again, keen to impart a funny tale or two. 

Consequently, the kitchen is built, painted and installed in a relatively short pace of time - and it looks fantastic, if I do say so myself. 

The Bare Shell a Few Months Ago.

The Wooden-Topped Breakfast Bar.
Custom Built and Hand Painted Units.

Installing the Worktop.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink.

The Finished Kitchen - Finally!

OK, so we still need to finish off a few things, like the tiling on the back-splash. Oh yes and get some white goods and install the taps and ... well the list goes on. But, this kitchen has been a right pain in the proverbial and I for one am thankful that it is nearly all done!!

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